What I hate about people

My topic for today is what I hate about people, I’m gonna tell you things I guess we would all agree on, provoking acts that people do to play on our nerves, silly acts actually that reflect only their lack of taste and awareness, and what I hate the most is that a new young generation is being raised on the same lousy ethics, and nobody is making a stand to stop all this nonsense.

I hate hypocritical people who show you a new different face each time, talking big principles and ethic then act like the least ethical person, “please don’t play this role in front of me, I know who you are and trust me, you definitely should not be proud about it,” but sometimes you’re gonna have to keep this saying only to yourself and continue listening to their unfinished nonsense.


I hate people who treat others based on their country or religion, believing that no one is right but them, who the hell they think they are to judge people this way? what makes them think they are so special? I see people doing that everyday and it makes me angry that we can’t all live together in love and peace, we just keep hating each others, we don’t know why but we’re just gonna keep hating because that’s what we do best, what a pity!

Every time I watch the news I feel sorry for how bad things had become, proudly hate and murder innocent people, hating people we don’t know just to fit in a group, you don’t need to fit in, be who you are, simple as that, meet new people from different cultures then decide to love them or hate them, don’t just follow the crowd.

My wish for tonight is that to spread awareness in people and make them understand that there is a higher purpose for our existence on earth, do not let some sayings blind you and misguide your steps, peace and love had become our biggest dreams in the bad situation we are living now, hope we can see these dreams coming true one day.




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