If life was just a dream !

Today I read a status on Facebook that says: “imagine if you just got up to discover that all your life was just a dream, and you are still six years old, afraid to go to school”, can you imagine that? What would be your first reaction?

Well, I guess the deeper question would be whether you will try to live your life the way you had lived in the dream, or would you try to cross a different road to change it? would you be thankful that it was just a dream or would you be sad that all your life was not real?

I guess maybe then we wouldn’t worry much about first day of school or first day at work, because now we know it didn’t really matter, maybe we wouldn’t cry much for a broken heart for now we know we got over it, perhaps seeing your life all at once makes you more thankful for the real blessings and less worried on the daily little matters, What do you think?


One thought on “If life was just a dream !

  1. An interesting question. I’ve thought in many ways in the past, wondering what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, yet the limitations of my thinking was bounded by perceiving in a reality conditioned by my parents, and the environment. Only now I understand why and how I have taken the steps to where I am in the present. Mind-boggling at one perspective to see the natural growth and the progression of time in relevance to who we are at the present, with amount of judgement shared sometimes to yourself when using the past as a textbook of experiential lessons whether good or bad, forever learning, or I would hope most people learn something from any experience in the past. Whether to think I would have taken a different road could be frightening as equally could it have been enlightening? Yet perhaps a few choices in life would have been taken in a different manner but nevertheless live without regret is quite a lesson learnt and appreciated and without those choices, how else would we write history? Cool blog, look forward to read some of your other posts.


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