Life Is Just A Memory

Have you ever passed by a place and your mind started reminding you of a time you’ve been there before? maybe you have done something big back then or maybe you were sharing some good time with a special one, either ways, even though you have passed by the place and went on, you eventually discover that you are still there and you haven’t left after all, the memory is still the same and the smell of coffee is still fresh, so you turn your face all around you into every detail and every corner to see that it’s the same scene again except for this time you are all alone.

But though the memory is still the same, I am tempted to ask myself whether I am the same or not, and I know the answer is that I am not the same and I have changed, we keep nagging on life and how it keeps changing not knowing that it’s us who had changed, for nothing links us to our old selves except for the memories we carry along, well, maybe life is just a memory and so are we.
Every smile and every tear will fade away one day leaving only their ashes inside your heart, sometimes to remind of your mistakes and sometimes to tell you how strong you have been, and every little chat you had will disappear one day leaving only its echoes in your head, either to tell you that you are loved or to remind you of how lonesome and broken you are.
Have you ever been there? I think nothing can hurt us more than a memory whether it was good or bad, memories always hurt, for everything in your life will be a memory one day, the places you go to, the people you love, the pleasure and the heartbreak, the night talks and the morning coffee, even you, one day you will be just a memory, and through your life you have to work on making it a good one.


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