Ok, so I am inspired again and I am tempted to write tonight, but to tell you the truth I have no idea what my words are about, you know it is no easy thing to explain when you have so many mixed up feelings, you cannot tell wither you’re happy or sad, is it a good mood or a bad one? how can you tell?

Well, I can let music decide, I have been listening to a really dark music for a couple of days, playing it in my head all day and night, and it did make me angry, it made me want to write to get out a bit of my rage, rage against every little thing in life, against television and its brain washing media, against love stories being fixed in the last minute kiss of the show, rage against news broadcast every night to show you bloods and martyrs with no names, against bedtime stories with happy endings after sorrow and rainbows after rain. The young free soldier never came home again and the evil witch had never got burned.

Every kid we keep holding inside of us will grow to become who we are and see the hidden truth behind curtains, but some had managed to keep a blinded kid to save a bit of innocence they usually miss, and to be honest with you, I envy those who were able to close their eyes and save the kid inside, for the heart is getting old and I feel I am completely wasted! so turn off this music and tell me please about rainbows again.



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