Are You Lost ?!

I can’t believe I haven’t been writing since last September, but during those 7 months many things had happened that took me here and there, ups and downs, joys and setbacks, and being through all of this and having a messed up mind recently I was tempted to escape away for sometime and hide in my comfortable shelter, where words are my only company in one dull silent night. 

That’s what I usually do when I feel like escaping from myself, from my wonders and thoughts, I put on my headsets, listen to music and try to write, until I am tired enough to push myself into bed and sleep.

Have you been there before? Do you sometimes wonder if you are on the right bath or not? Is this what I want? Do I have a mission on earth? Does that sound crazy?

Well, I’d like to think it’s just a phase that shall pass but am sure it’s gonna come again, and as long as I can’t answer these questions then I know I’m still lost and still have a long journey for discovering myself, and tonight my journey begins.

find yourself


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