I have been thinking for an hour how to begin writing this post after this long time, should I start by saying how guilty I felt or should I say how much things have changed since then, I guess I should start by saying how much I’ve missed writing and sharing my thoughts in here, how many times I’ve opened that white sheet but no word seemed to come out, I guess I will have to admit that something was missing in me, it’s that part of me again, the one I used to call “the trouble maker”.

But tonight words are slowly drifting through me, as I am yearning for a person that I used to be, awakened by an old song that I was just listening to, which had flashed back old images into my sight. Nostalgia do they call it?

So tonight I went through the old posts on Echoes, and reading your nice words and comments made me feel overwhelmed and grateful, and I would like to take this as a chance to thank you all for your encouragement and support, because after all that was the reason that put me into writing again.

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