Long live blogging

4 years ago when I first started blogging, I could’ve thought of thousands of words to type, and I would just log into this place and let my keyboard do the rest, then I went blank and the urge to write had slowly started to vanish, my lousy keyboard had only put me into disappointment.

But it frustrated me as I was surfing through the internet crossing through this debate over whether blogging is dead, and that people are now more comfortable instagraming or snapchatting their day to day life thoughts, you wake up and first thing you do, you check your Facebook, Whatsapp texts and all updates on instagram, as for me I still keep an app on my mobile to check the new blog posts that I follow, because I would still want to know what these bloggers have more to add to everything we pass through on social media, and that is what makes blogging more unique, for you can reach the thinking of a specific person in one place.

And so I wouldn’t like to say that blogging is dead, because here is the place where I find myself the most, whenever I need to escape the chaos of this messed up world, or the horrifying news we always try to scroll down and pretend we didn’t see, or a bad dull day that strikes out of nowhere, I find myself tempted to go into my space, staring into a new empty document with headsets on my head, playing a song that I am stuck with for some time, and I write.

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