Close your eyes for awhile my friend, I heard there lies a moon far behind the black sky, I heard lovers were dancing beneath, can you hear them singing? I can feel their tipsy steps making rhymes on floor, and smell of perfumes filling the air, I heard a sun rises to brighten up their … More Dreamer

The Last Dance

Close your eyes and allow yourself to fall into my arms, have no worries and let the heart beats guide your steps, save me one last dance, one last bleak dance like that sharp tune of the violin, would it wound your heart? A cold heart that beats so delicately, aches me as it tickles … More The Last Dance

Beneath Moonlight

Take my hand and let me fly away, to a land where moonlight can cross through my door, where the smell of daffodils can still arise after all, take me to a place where there are no heroes nor martyrs, where wounds do not bleed and neither aches do last, bring on the night so … More Beneath Moonlight

Ghosts On Stage

Pull up the curtains and let me rise along, turn on the light and I shall shine, with dreams carried by a little boy, with hopes that burdened a lonesome heart, pull up the curtains and let me get on stage, play the kind of music that would rhyme the sorrow of my life, and … More Ghosts On Stage

Story Of Midnight

Beneath the candle’s shadow I flamed my soul with hope, wiped down the sorrow and lightened a spirit out of the separate pieces, I wrote for you the words that’s meant to be unsaid, threw the letters all over a paper I had always saved underneath my pillow, each night I write for you till … More Story Of Midnight