Nothing Else Matters

Sometimes when life hits us hard, it steals a part of us, that which we used to love before, sometimes it teaches us not to trust and never to forgive, steals our goodness and turns it into bad deeds, that will only harm us in the end, like filling our hearts with anger and hatred, … More Nothing Else Matters

Not The End ..

I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about or what I will write, life and happiness, love and sadness, loss and failure, or sacrifice and pain, I don’t know which to talk about but I guess we all know very well each one of those, I guess each life got them all, and … More Not The End ..

You Are Not Alone

Since last year when I started this blog, I have been sharing here all my feelings and all my thoughts, the good ones and the bad too, the positive ones and the negative too, I was looking at the empty screen and started typing my words, didn’t know that my writings would reach out to … More You Are Not Alone

Moments Of Peace

The night is fading behind the new yarns of dawn, and in few minutes I will be watching the sunrise, I have been up all night witnessing the departure of a day and the beginning of a new one, I had moments of peace this evening spending the night alone, listening to soft music and … More Moments Of Peace


Every night we put our hearts away and cry out the burdens to sleep, but with the rising of dawn we gather up the pieces of the broken heart till it’s fixed again, we light a candle to flame a dream that had almost faded and open the windows to let the sun sneak in, … More Shine

Was It Worth It?

After all our losses and all the sacrifices, we can’t help but to ask ourselves: was it really worth it? Was it worth it staying up all night thinking of you? Was it worth it turning around to follow a dream? Was it worth it getting hurt to believe? I can’t help but to wonder … More Was It Worth It?

Against All Odds

Sometimes life goes against all expectations, against all odds, it disappoints all hopes then cleans away the desperation, it breaks you down then shows you the way, life does not suck all the way, sometimes it gives you more than what you have lost, and that’s the beauty of it, you can never predict tomorrow … More Against All Odds