Love Is …

Guest post By Jodi Lobozzo Aman Love is… Love can be defined so many different ways, but I don’t believe any of those ways are wrong. They are simply…ways. Love is always defined to the extent a person understands it. In that way, it is different for everyone.


Lately I have received an Email from a fan of Echoes, who asked me to post a letter she wrote to her friend, to show her how much she means to her publicly, and I was delighted to be a part of this, and here is the letter. By: Mai Weshah

Fighting For Life

I guess we all remember “Positive Positive Positive” post few days ago, it was a guest post, my talented friend Nicole Lacolle wrote it, and today I was happy to do the same, I was invited to write a guest post on her great Nikky’s Strength & Weakness Blog and it was my pleasure to … More Fighting For Life

Positive Positive Positive

By Nicole Lacolle From: Nikky’s strength and weakness   I am thinking positive. I decided it and I’m doing it! When I sleep, it’s positive, I need to rest When I don’t sleep, it is positive; I’m not running away

Hurtful Cries

Written by Sami Al-Khalili The truth was seen That the so called friends weren’t so keen Seeing the fake and hiding the real All the mocking my friends made me feel Staring at my reflection Waiting for the rejection


Prayer By Tariq Jaser They were just two nights When the sun vanished in the sky And no more warmth is in sight Just the fading prophecy between her eyes