Last Valentine

Where streets are overwhelmed with red roses and the perfumed smell of lilies and daffodils is filling the air, where lovers are walking hand in hand, a boy hides a gift behind his back and a pretty young girl rests her head to his shoulder, where the delicate music of love leaves a bittersweet refrain … More Last Valentine

The Last Dance

Close your eyes and allow yourself to fall into my arms, have no worries and let the heart beats guide your steps, save me one last dance, one last bleak dance like that sharp tune of the violin, would it wound your heart? A cold heart that beats so delicately, aches me as it tickles … More The Last Dance

Is This Love ?!

Sometimes I wonder, what is this power that makes someone find pleasure in the loneliness of the night? What makes someone enjoy the company of the darkness? Is this love? Love which beautify solitude and isolation, for now matter where you stand you always find your dreams wandering somewhere else, to the place where love … More Is This Love ?!

You Are Loved

Frank A. Clark once said: “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.” Love is a great power that can build or destroy us, some people say that the meaning of happiness resides in one moment of love, I’m not sure if this is right or wrong, for both … More You Are Loved

To Where You Are

Let me sail away into your horizons and dream beneath a different sky, embrace a spirit that had escaped to land in a beautiful world where you shall be, and let it shine from within, uplifting my heart as it falls down upon your shoulders, passing on a sweet hope that gently crawled out of … More To Where You Are

Wish You Were There

What have just awaken my sleep in this cold ruthless night? What have just brought his name out of my lips? The sweet dream is getting cruel and the silent night had lost its comfort, and so I leave following the yearning breezes of night, pulled my feet to a place I’ve been in before, … More Wish You Were There

My Valentine

When boys feel thrilled to hold a red rose, and ladies in red do wait, when dances flow slowly where lovers step, and words come smoothly beneath the moonlight, will you be my Valentine? Would this day be enough for love? Would it be enough to celebrate the happiness