The Secret Of Love

I always find myself inspired by reading the marvelous poems of Nizar Qabbani, one of the most famous Arab poets; they used to call him the woman’s poet, “little affairs” is a poem of his that I keep on reading, he talks about how the little things in love are what counts the most, in … More The Secret Of Love

A Morning Tale

Beneath the mystic sky of morning, two misguided spirits were enlightened into the same horizon, strangers in time were intoxicated within some mythical seconds, frightened glances of eyes drew the features in our faces before the rhythms of our passions float upon the silence, and words that I don’t seem to remember made the trembling … More A Morning Tale

May She Remember

And as the sun sinks upon the pale horizon, the air was clouded with the darkness of the night, and the stars gazed into my eyes sympathetically knowing that she isn’t coming, and that the love that gathered us under the shadow of this tree had vanished within the oblivion of yesterdays, but may she … More May She Remember

She …

And oh how she smiles as I lay my words upon her eyes, uplifting my heart to a paradise I only knew through her, summarizing my life in a love note that is terrified to be stolen within the unkind days, running before time takes our dreams apart, and so I will hold her tight … More She …