Power Of The Night

Clock is ticking, TV turned off, another silent night drifts by, with no company only my thoughts wandering across my mind, the thoughts of the night are frightening enough not to let you sleep, even though they give you every reason to close your eyes and sleep away for awhile, sometimes it’s the people you … More Power Of The Night

The Unforgiven

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets”, this quote has been crawling through my head all day, for some reason it makes me feel a bit sad, for the thought is frightening enough not to leave my head, I don’t know what the right regrets would be, but … More The Unforgiven

Unjustified Happiness

Unjustified happiness … I heard this phrase and many words flowed into my head, can I say unreasonable happiness? Does the rapture of joy float over all minds and reasons? Or does reason itself that make us rejoice in times we thought we wouldn’t? I know these times well enough for I have been there … More Unjustified Happiness

Ghosts On Stage

Pull up the curtains and let me rise along, turn on the light and I shall shine, with dreams carried by a little boy, with hopes that burdened a lonesome heart, pull up the curtains and let me get on stage, play the kind of music that would rhyme the sorrow of my life, and … More Ghosts On Stage

Voices From Within

Why does it sadden us if nobody asks when all we wanted was to be left alone? This strange thought had just came to me, why does a girl stay up all night hoping that he would call after she told him that it was over? Why are we always hanging to a thread of … More Voices From Within


Who am I? What am I doing here? Is this my life? Is this your life? What have I been missing? I look around and gaze into my world, I talk to myself, seeking