I have been thinking for an hour how to begin writing this post after this long time, should I start by saying how guilty I felt or should I say how much things have changed since then, I guess I should start by saying how much I’ve missed writing and sharing my thoughts in here, … More Nostalgia

Dream Big

I have been thinking for sometimes on how to start this post after this long time, I have been reading old posts on Echoes and I’ve been reading yoru comments as well, and it made me realize how much I have missed you all and how much I’ve missed sharing our minds with each others, … More Dream Big

Echoes In Review

I want to thank for providing this annual report, reviewing my 2012 year in blogging, and I also want to thank all the friends who supported me and helped Echoes to grow, the amazing people on Facebook and Twitter who always share the dream with me, and thank for your nice comments, hope you … More Echoes In Review


In this cold and freezing weather in Amman, everybody is out playing in the streets; everybody is playing as if we are children again, playing with snowballs and making our own snowman, the white snow visits our lands to refresh our spirits and to remind us of the beauty of this world that we often … More Snowballs


Hello dear friends, it has been a long time I’ve been away and I have truly missed Echoes, I missed sharing my thoughts with all of you and hearing your comforting words, I had a very busy month which left me out of inspirations to write, I can’t say it was all bad but I … More Heroes

Never Give Up

It’s been more than a year I’ve been writing in here about life, hope and following our dreams, things I’ve always wanted to believe in, fantasies I’ve always desired to pursue, I wrote about dreams coming true if we insisted to pursue them, and now I understand that all these writings have been my real … More Never Give Up

Laugh Out Loud

Take away all the drama and put the actions aside, I need to run away and have some good time, with TV in front of me going through channel after channel, put me Seinfeld or Frasier, Simpsons or Friends, let me see Goerge Carlin, and give me some crazy laughs, we are grateful for the … More Laugh Out Loud

Only For You

A strange thought just crossed my mind, when a friend or someone we love comes to us with his problem, we try the hardest and do our best to come up with the best solution, and sometimes we do a great help, but if the same problem had been ours we find ourselves helpless with … More Only For You