Ok, so I am inspired again and I am tempted to write tonight, but to tell you the truth I have no idea what my words are about, you know it is no easy thing to explain when you have so many mixed up feelings, you cannot tell wither you’re happy or sad, is it … More Wasted!


Close your eyes for awhile my friend, I heard there lies a moon far behind the black sky, I heard lovers were dancing beneath, can you hear them singing? I can feel their tipsy steps making rhymes on floor, and smell of perfumes filling the air, I heard a sun rises to brighten up their … More Dreamer

Story Of A Shadow

Let me turn off the lights for awhile and gaze into the darkness, where a ghost or two would cross behind your closed eyes, let me tell you a short story about a boy who loved the dark in order not to lose his shadow, but can it be followed? He definitely knew how to … More Story Of A Shadow

Do Not Let Me Cry

When the burdens are getting too heavy and the load is becoming too painful to hold on, the smallest touch can be a reason to break you down, for when you feel you had enough, every simple thing would remind you that you can’t take this anymore, it would push you to give up, all … More Do Not Let Me Cry

Beneath Moonlight

Take my hand and let me fly away, to a land where moonlight can cross through my door, where the smell of daffodils can still arise after all, take me to a place where there are no heroes nor martyrs, where wounds do not bleed and neither aches do last, bring on the night so … More Beneath Moonlight

Story Of Midnight

Beneath the candle’s shadow I flamed my soul with hope, wiped down the sorrow and lightened a spirit out of the separate pieces, I wrote for you the words that’s meant to be unsaid, threw the letters all over a paper I had always saved underneath my pillow, each night I write for you till … More Story Of Midnight

Growing Young

I can still remember the days where my toys used to be my best friends, where Cinderella story sounded real, and ghosts were my only fear, but the days had passed and I have grown up, and I learned that best friends are rare, I learned that Cinderella story is not the only fairytale and … More Growing Young

The Unhealed Wound

For how long this night would last when silence plays a song for a sad heart? And how much of darkness would it need? When night shall raise above all the rays of sunshine, would it hide our light of day? Would erase all the misfits and all the mistakes? I wish I can go … More The Unhealed Wound