Let Me Be

I can see clearly through the starry night, where aches are clouding before my soul, and I can tell that a morning it far to come, to shine on the diseased hope, for sunshine is behind the wall, and shadows are weeping in the dark, and I, among the shadows, am seeking for lights to … More Let Me Be

Tunes Of Yesterday

How far that joy seems to be and how close are the echoes, above the yearning souls of yesterday they shout, echoes of hope to carry out the whispers we scream, and burn the wounds they were thought to heal, above the yearning souls of yesterday we shout, are we getting closer? Or did the … More Tunes Of Yesterday

Nobody Cares !

Breathe my little boy, that ain’t much to weep for, open your eyes and take a look around, people are passing by your pain and that ain’t much little boy, look beyond the shadows and see beneath the veils, all is well .. all is good, people are passing by the wounds that are not … More Nobody Cares !

The Night Visitor

Beneath these chaotic shadows of light, a gloomy night sprinkles peace unto souls, and as I was longing to sweep among all the nightmares and sleep, I found myself in the company of the dear night visitor, reminding me of who I used to be, pushing me back to all that is lost and all … More The Night Visitor