In Times Like These

Reading this post today by my friend Roba Al Assi had deeply moved me and brought tears to my eyes, I had to share this post to show the tragic and sad situation that we have reached to, heartbreaking indeed to see death everyday on the T.V screen as if it has become something normal, … More In Times Like These

Dream Big

I have been thinking for sometimes on how to start this post after this long time, I have been reading old posts on Echoes and I’ve been reading yoru comments as well, and it made me realize how much I have missed you all and how much I’ve missed sharing our minds with each others, … More Dream Big

White Nights

White Nights is like many other stories for Dostoevsky, told by a nameless narrator, the story begins with the lonely nameless young man, who usually walks in the streets of the city and makes talks with the houses there, he lives alone in an absurd way, as a thinker or a dreamer as he names it, the story … More White Nights

Originally posted on Echoes:
So this is the first of April and everyone is trying to come up with a good lie, and some play it very well, but I wonder do we really need a day for lying? Aren’t we already living one? Or does it only seem nicer in this day? Well, give…