That’s How It Goes !

Last night as I was sitting a small insect walked near my feet, and without a second thought I grabbed my shoe and crushed the little insect that had disturbed me for a second, but then I wondered about this little creature that was alive just as we are, it was breathing as we do, it felt the fear while I’m getting closer to crush it as we do when we feel death gets close, it’s just another living creature as we are and its life was ended, and I couldn’t help but to wonder if there will be others searching for it.

And here came to me the thought that we are not different, thousands of people are being killed day after day and it’s getting normal, we forget that the dead child we saw this morning on TV has a mother who looks for him with a broken heart, and that man we saw bleeding to death has a little daughter waiting for him to come back home, we see lives are getting crushed each day and we feel ok because that’s how it goes, what a pity!

Photo by enrico zanolla

Maybe we are living on a different chessboard, where a soldier is dead; we put him aside and continue the game, the games never stops and one day it will be your turn, we never know that the piece we put aside has loved ones who couldn’t live without, who couldn’t continue the game for no matter how it shall go, they have already lost.

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